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Archos unveils 80 and 101 G9, the fastest and cheapest Android Honeycomb ...
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By Vlad Bobleanta on 23 Jun 11 Archos has been making tablets, and specifically Android-powered tablets for a long, long time – longer than anyone else in fact. However, let's face it: the company isn't necessarily the first (or second, or third) that ...
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Acer Iconia Tab A500 will get Android 3.1 update on July 5 in Germany
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By Vlad Bobleanta on 23 Jun 11 The Acer Iconia Tab A500 is one of the more interesting Android Honeycomb tablets on the market, primarily because it's quite affordable, at least compared to some of the competition (cough, Xoom, cough). ...
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The Next Google TV's Borrowing a Lot from Honeycomb
Android Honeycomb: pretty well-received! So Google's pouring sugar from one hand onto dirt in the other for their next stab at the holy union of internet and.'s spilling what's new. The freshest details come from Google's "Fishtank" program, ...
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Analyst says Android experiencing "growing pains"
TG Daily
Numerous industry analysts, journalists and devs have described Google's tablet-optimized Honeycomb OS as "half-baked" or "unpolished." To be sure, senior DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim believes the Android universe is experiencing "growing pains," ...
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First Impressions: 8" Vizio tablet coming in late July, $350 [updated]
ZDNet (blog)
The OS will eventually be updated to Honeycomb but no date has been set yet because the company is still testing the newer OS' stability, and waiting for more apps to be available for Honeycomb before going down that rabbit hole. ...
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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs. Motorola Xoom Comparison: Android Tablet Smackdown
The T-Mobile G1 had it easy; it was the first Android phone on the market, and the only one for a long time. The Motorola Xoom was the one and only Android Honeycomb tablet for just a short while before competitors rampaged the market (if you can call ...
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Motorola Xoom Android 3.1 Update Released, Activates SD Card Support!
Motorola has announced via Facebook that it’s infamous Android Honeycomb tablet is being blessed with the Android 3.1 Update. The Xoom Android 3.1 update apparently brings enhancements and improvements to your device, besides activating support for ...
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Archos Brings Android Home with DECT Landline Phone and 35 Home Connect Radio
by Kevin Krause on June 23rd, 2011 at 3:34 pm It's not quite the Android@Home initiative we saw at Google I/O, but alongside a new generation of Honeycomb tablets Archos unveiled two new products that see Google's mobile OS branching out to a couple ...
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Toshiba Thrives with Flash - Win Toshiba Thrive by Flash Mob & Clues
Wireless and Mobile News
The Thrive features a NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, Android 3.1, Honeycomb, a 10.1-inch high-resolution (1280 x 800) multi-touch LED backlit touchscreen, Swype, USB 2.0, HDMI, 2MP front-facing webcam, a 5MP rear-facing camera, and an SD card slot. ...
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Google TV 2.0 Flavored with Android 3.1 \"Honeycomb\"
Google Watch (blog) got a nice little scoop for Google TV fans: images of the next version of Google TV, running Google's Android 3.1 flavor of "Honeycomb." Google TV fans--it's time to get excited, but first a little perspective helps. I just upgraded my Google ...
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Archos announces pair of G9 Android Honeycomb tablets | Android ...
By Phil Nickinson
8-inch costs just $279; 10.1-incher is $349 Archos G9 Tablets Archos today announced a pair of new (and relatively affordable) Honeycomb tablets -- the Archos 80 G9 and Archos 101 G9. Both feature Android 3.1, a dual-core OMAP 4 ...
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ARCHOS announces fastest, cheapest Honeycomb ... - Android and Me
By Alberto Vildosola
And that's where the differences between these two tablets stop. Everything else about them is equal, except the price of course. Both of them have: Android 3.1 Honeycomb; 1.5 GHz dual-core CORTEX A9 OMAP4; 16 GB of internal memory, ...
Android and Me

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Sony teases S1 and S2 Android Honeycomb tablets [Video] - SlashGear
Sony has released the first video in a new teaser campaign for the S1 and S2 Android Honeycomb tablets, with a Rube Goldberg-style machine theme that tells ...
Androinica » Great Android Honeycomb apps for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Google hasn't been able to jump-start the number of Android Honeycomb apps. A handful of apps have being retooled to be Honeycomb-compatible, but the amount ...
Cheaper Android Honeycomb Tablets - Mobile Phone Development
Today, BGR has some news on the Huawei 7-inch MediaPad Android Honeycomb tablet. There are so many vapourware tablets and tablets by no-name companies that ...

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